Lee’s Scuba Reviews

Location: Mayan Riveria, Mexico

Dive Shop: Dive it!  Ocean Turquesa  $50.00 per dive with your own equipment.  Very small dive boat at this shop.  Excellent dive shop, with a great dive master who speaks excellent English.

Dive Site: Reef right in front of the Ocean Turquesa Resort.  It is a protected National Park and there is a nominal entrance fee to dive.

Dive Date: November 9, 2010

Depths: 40 feet

Observations: Water conditions had 3 foot swells with approximately 50 feet of visibility.  The coral is in good to excellent shape.  Fish on reef were plentiful with great variety.  Saw many Morey eels, sting rays, as well as spotted rays.

Would I dive this site again: Yes, in minute!  For a shallow dive, this was excellent.

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