Sue’s Travel Tips #4

Get travel insurance.   Nobody thinks they are going to need it, but rest assured unexpected things can happen.  Check your employment benefits, you may already be covered.  Also some credits cards include travel insurance, but be sure to read the small print.  Often the credit card insurance is for emergency medical situations only, and will not cover an illness.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    For those of us who travel on business – or sit beside those who do – could I add: Please, no matter how tempting it is to ‘use your time wisely’ and catch up on some work, don’t do it on the plane. Unless you know exactly who is sitting beside and behind you. I’ve had strangers flip open their laptops and start working on sales reports, customer lists, strategic plans and so on and so forth. I could work for, or be, their biggest competitor. Giving away company secrets is not very chic, or savvy! 🙂

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