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Purchasing a last minute trip or sell-off vacation can be a very difficult, nail biting, and nerve wrecking experience. This site aims at releaving you from most of these sell-off generated tensions.

We offer knowledge, advice, and techniques that have been gathered over a period of more than 20 years. As with most sites this is a work in progress and will be frequently updated as more vacations are experienced, and we encourage input/feedback from readers in the Forum.

Please read the Helpful Advice Section for a “quick and often profitable” intro to buying last minute or sell-off vacations.

Some Advice

First, you will have to do some research.  It does takes time and patience to find a great sell-off deal. The idea is to purchase the trip when a travel agency fears that they will not be able to fill the plane thus, they lower the price to do just that.   Or you sometimes find early reduced vacations to generate the sale of that particular destination resort.

You as the traveler need to be somewhat flexible with your departure date.  I know this can be hard with some careers but it is somewhat of a necessity.  Last minute vacations and sell-off vacations can be purchased anywhere from 8 weeks previous to departure. This is a large window and is quite reasonable for booking time off.  If you are not picky at all about locations you can book time off a year in advance because there are always sell off deals!!

Pick some features that you are really looking for and narrow the location down to say Mexico. Now visit the sites that we have provided links to and click on sell-offs or last minute package deals and find a resort that you really like that is in your price range.  Now go to several other sites looking up the same resort and start to compare prices, and site promotions.  It is very beneficial to visit a travel store and pick up the travel books (they should be free).  You then have a quick reference book in hand to look up the resort your interested in to check the regular price, and compare it to the one you have found. The book should also provide a detailed list of all the amenities that the resort provides.

Here are some things to consider before purchasing a sell-off vacation:

– The closer the trip gets to its departure date the cheaper it usually becomes, so if you can wait, the longer you do the greater your savings. Of course there is the risk that the plane or resort sells out and you miss your great sell-off vacation opportunity to your targeted resort/desitnation.

– If there is a few weeks before departure and the plane is filling up too fast travel agencies will start to put the price up.   If you check everyday and it has been basically dropping but then suddenly notice that it has gone up by 10$ or some arbitrary amount, this is a sign that the trip is selling.

– Your best bet is not to “put all your eggs in one basket”.  Choose several hotels in a couple of different locations, and then watch them.    Compare the cost to location benefits. You will get a great trip with a considerable deduction using these tools.

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