Sue’s Suitcase Suggestion #4

When travelling with your spouse/partner, divide your belongings between your luggage.  This way if one of your suitcases goes astray upon arrival at your destination,  you will have a few clothes to get you by until they can locate your suitcase.


Sue’s Suitcase Suggestion #3

Identify your luggage!  Tie a distinctive ribbon on the handle of your suitcase to make identification simple as those hundreds of bags round the carousel.


Sue’s Suitcase Suggestion #1

Keep in mind when purchasing a suitcase  to pay special attention to the WEIGHT of the suitcase.  Most airlines, especially charters, are very strict with the weight restriction of 20 kg per person, and will charge you big dollars for every kilogram you are over.  When you think you have found that ideal suitcase,  give it a lift with your… Continue reading »