Travel Tips: Cuba


I recommend staying at a least a 3-1/2 star to 4 star plus rated resort.      This star rating usually makes a difference in food quality.

Take Canadian dollars with you and have them exchanged into the convertible Cuban Pesos (CUC) at either the Cuban airport, or at your hotel.  They charge a service fee if you convert American dollars to Pesos.  You cannot purchase the convertible Cuban Peso at any of the International Money Exchange locations in Canada.  Exchange your remaining convertible Pesos back before leaving Cuba.

Language: Spanish (most hotel staff now speak at least some English)

Flying time from Toronto:  3-1/2 hours – 4 hours

Electricity: 110/220V (converters required depending on hotel)

Documents: Valid passport and tourist card

Cuba Departure Tax:  $25.00 CUC each departure tax payable on your departure. It must be paid in cash.  This is not included in your all inclusive package.

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