Group Trips

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GROUP TRAVEL, we have all heard about this and it can be quite interesting as it provides an opportunity to travel with a group of friends at a discounted rate.

The second issue is the infamous DUTY-FREE SHOP where the deals are pouring off the shelves and into our suitcases.

  • Best reason to choose a package tour.- Economy Savings can amount to several hundred dollars per couple. The food and drink on chartered jets tends to be better than on commercial flights, but space is more cramped. Chartered air-conditioned buses between airports and train stations are a big convenience and eliminate the need for constant tipping in foreign currency Warning.- Chartered deluxe European express trains are pleasant but by no means express. They are frequently sidetracked for the real express trains.
  • Tours also save time on planning and organizing and are especially helpful to those who have not traveled to a country before or do not speak the language.
  • Minuses for package tours Rushed sightseeing schedule. Be wary of promises of full American breakfasts. They’re usually of poor quality. It’s probably better to stick with a traditional roll and coffee in Europe.
  • Tip.- Save coupon books for gourmet dinners at restaurants on special nights. Pay cash for light suppers when you’re tired or have had a late lunch.
  • Best tour to pick? – One sponsored by a local professional, cultural, or educational group. It usually assures you of finding compatible companions.

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