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Below you will find precautions for lastminute travelers, selloff vacation purchasers and business travelers all in the context of airline flights.

  • Don’t fly within 12 hours after dental work” The change in atmospheric pressure can cause severe pain.
  • Carry your medical history. Fold a one-page summary of health data into your passport. What it should include is your Blood type, allergies, eyeglass prescription, medications currently being taken, any pre-existing health condition.
  • Alcohol has more punch during an airplane flight than on the ground. Reason: Body fluids evaporate quickly in the pressurized dry cabin. And under pressure, the alcohol absorbs more fluids in the intestinal tract, thus making it felt more quickly. Alternative: To reduce the dehydration caused by a long flight (six hours or more), drink three or four bottle of water during the flight.
  • Don’t buy travel insurance at airports, the coverage is much more expensive and rates vary from city to city. Your best option is to buy from a credible insurance company.
  • First-class plane tickets might not be worth the 30% premium unless the flight lasts more than four hours.
  • Confirm airline reservations when the small box in the center of the airline ticket is marked ‘RQ.” It indicates that the travel agent has only requested a seat, and wait-listing status is a possibility. A confirmed reservation is indicated by an “OK’ on your ticket.
  • Avoid consuming the food and drink offered on airplanes. Alcohol, nuts, soft drinks, and other foods that have empty calories can cause a swing from high to low blood sugar. You go from feeling great to feeling tired, cramped, and headachy (plus its not like they serve good food).
  • You shouldn’t pay the 8% federal tax on airfare if you’re flying from one US city to another US city in order to catch a flight to another country. You may have to show the agent the foreign ticket.

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